Greenleaf crafts

Perfume Pen (Marble White Acrylic)

Have you ever wanted to take your favourite perfume out but the bottle is too big to fit in your bag? That's where the perfume pen comes in. This beautiful looking product is the practical solution to keeping your perfume with you at all times.
The body of the perfume pen is made from a block of acrylic, which is handcrafted on a woodturning lathe and no one pen are alike.
The perfume pen works like a felt tip by holding the perfume in a filter medium in the main body of the pen. The way you get the perfume in the pen is to unscrew the cap and remove the filter tip. Then with the pipette provide, squeeze a small amount of perfume out of your favourite perfume bottle and dispenses it into your pen. replace the tip and screw the cap back on. Making sure you tighten the cap on to the rubber seal to stop it from leaking. You are now ready to go, just place it in your handbag or purse and when need to apply some perfume just unscrew the cap and rub the pen on the areas where you want it.