How we started

The amount of times I have been asked how did you start making pens?
Well it's all down to the wife.
At the time we were adding an extension to our home and we decided to go to Birmingham to one of the many exhibitions, showing all things building.
With my complimentary plastic bag in hand I proceeded to walk round the exhibition hall collecting leaflets from all the stands that I was interested in, Within this large exhibition hall there was one stand just stacked high with tool catalogues. Tim the tool man came to mind and with a grunt I picked up my complimentary tool catalog and placed in my bag. After a full day of wandering round gormless I ended up with four plastic bags full of leaflets. Time to go home and check out my bounty.
Back home coffee was made sat down on the Settee and unpacked our bags. Checked out the latest rain water system, sliding doors, under floor heating and much more.
At the other end of the settee the wife had noticed the tool catalogue on the floor she pick it up.
She started to flick through the pages as most of it was of no interest whatsoever, then all of a sudden she stopped this was quite interesting she thought to herself.
Moving up to my end of the settee she come over and digged me in the ribs, "look at this" she said to me, "I would like to have a go at that".
Pushing the catalogue into my lap she started to point to a number of things on the page.
She had found the section on wood turning and pen kits which are turned on a wood lathe.
So after a short time we looked thou the pages and decided to give it a go.

That was some ten years ago and we are still going strong.

Next time some of the pit falls running your own craft business.
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